Remember These Important Flower Meanings Before Sending Them to Your Loved Ones

Most Singaporeans choose flowers based on what their recipient likes most, without taking other more important factors into account. Flowers have the potential to convey powerful messages to its recipient, turning the notion of simply receiving a bouquet of blooms into a meaningful expression of your relationship with its recipient. 

Flower delivery services in Singapore have a wide selection of different flowers that can be arranged in beautiful flower bouquets or gift hampers. With a little thought and research, you will come to realise that different flowers have different meanings and symbolism associated with them. It’ll be especially helpful to know the right flowers to send for every occasion!


This should come as no surprise to you as red roses are a classic, being one of the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts around the world, representing love, desire, and romance. However, roses do come in a variety of other colours that have different meanings. For example, white roses, being the purist of colours, represent innocence and are best saved for more sombre moments such as weddings, to represent new beginnings. 

On the other hand, yellow roses could symbolise jealousy and infidelity while blue roses could symbolise mystery and intrigue. If you’re unsure of what coloured roses your flower bouquet should include, don’t worry. Consult your local flower delivery company and they’ll be able to tell you just what you need to convey your warmest wishes accurately. 


Gerberas are a part of the daisy family and generally stand for innocence and purity, but can also represent beauty, cheerfulness and joy, depending on their colour. 

Gerberas come in a variety of colours such as orange, purple, yellow, and pink. Orange gerberas are often associated with warmth and enthusiasm, while purple, for beauty and elegance, yellow, for friendship and happiness, and light pink, for grace and sympathy. Even a difference in the shade of colour can convey a different meaning. For example, dark pink gerberas symbolise admiration and gratitude.

Flower bouquets containing pink gerberas are often used to convey Get Well Soon messages! If you’re thinking of sending flower bouquets or gift hampers during this trying stay-home season, do consider letting your flower delivery service know that you’d like to include some pink gerberas! 


Sunflowers are the most popular symbol of joy and cheerfulness, given their petals of bright yellow that face the sun throughout the day. Sunflowers can also be a symbol of adoration and loyalty. Giving someone sunflowers can bring joy to their day and let them know at the same time that their presence in your life makes you happy too! 

Some of us have friends or loved ones that will be celebrating their birthdays at home due to the coronavirus. Receiving a surprise bouquet of sunflowers will almost certainly brighten up their day and make them feel special! At Hilton Gifts and Collections, we have a variety of birthday bundles that include sunflowers!


Carnations come in numerous colours that can potentially express very different emotions! Although all carnations express love and fascination in general due to their unique arrangement of petals, every colour on its own carries a unique association too. For example, light red carnations represent adoration or admiration, while dark red carnations represent deep affection and love. On the other hand, white carnations suggest purity or good luck!

Moreover, pink carnations carry the most significance as it is believed that they first appeared on earth 2000 years ago from the Virgin Mary’s tears, making them a symbol of a mother’s undying love. 


If you’re looking for a flower to convey your condolences or sympathy, this is it. Lilies are one of the most popular traditional funeral flowers because they symbolise innocence and purity of the soul that has departed from this world, though they may be associated with rebirth or motherhood in Greek mythology. Lilies are also a symbol of hope and peace that the departed may find in the afterlife. 

Important Flower Meanings To Know Before Sending Flowers To Your Friends and Loved Ones 

These are just some of the flowers that flower delivery services in Singapore offer. We understand that it can be tough choosing the right flowers to send. Thus, at Hilton Gifts and Collections, we have pre-packed flower bouquets and gift hampers with flowers for every occasion, ranging from Valentine’s Day and New Years to Birthdays, Baby Showers, and Funerals. If you’ve done your research and want to customise a bouquet or gift hamper, we will be more than happy to cater to your tastes and preferences too! Just give us a call at +65 6382 3771!

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