3 Flowers With Significant Meanings You Should Have in Your Bridal Bouquet

For many of us, weddings are joyous occasions where we celebrate the union of two star-crossed lovers prepared to spend the rest of their lives together. Such an important event calls for meaningful and beautiful decorative flowers to brighten up the atmosphere as well as forge unforgettable memories with! Out of all of these, a bridal bouquet always serves as the centrepiece of any wedding. From the wide variety of options provided by florists in Singapore, how do you choose a wedding bouquet that best conveys the overall sentiment of your wedding?

We understand your worries and want to help you. Read below to find a list of flowers with significant meanings you should have in your bridal bouquet! 

1. White Roses

Delicate and pristine, white roses are a classic choice for bridal bouquets. They symbolise purity, innocence and new beginnings, a perfect reflection of a young bride just starting a new life with her partner! These flowers also have a strong history — during the Roman times, white roses were closely associated with the Goddess of Love and Beauty. Additionally, later on in the Victorian era, suitors delivered bouquets made of white roses to their beloveds to mark the start of a courtship period. 

If you are searching for these extravagant, snow-white flowers, keep a lookout for our White Rose Hand Bouquet. It features 99 stalks of white roses carefully framed by a ring of baby’s breath and packaged in rich purple wrapping, a stunning display bound to be captured forever in your wedding photographs for you to look back on fondly. 

2. Lilies

Lilies are another popular option. They signify devotion, virtue, truth and honour, which is everything that a married couple should strive to uphold. As one of the key flower symbols of Christianity, they are also strongly representative of Virgin Mary’s purity. What’s more, in the past, the Greeks associated lilies with fertility and motherhood, so lilies can help to convey the wish for children to be birthed to start a family!

Our White Lilies Hand Bouquet offers the perfect combination of milky lilies complemented by elegant violet statice and lush green fillers for a beautiful contrast. Joyfully peeking out from the wrapping paper, these flowers are a meaningful and lovely choice for your bridal bouquet!

3. Tulips

Tulips come in many different colours. They generally denote enduring love, passion and abundance. In particular, a Turkish legend influenced the meaning of a red tulip. According to the story, a Turkish prince was so heartbroken that he decided to end his own life. Following the incident, the crimson droplets of blood he shed grew into tulips, imbuing the meaning of perfect love to red tulips. This compelling story underscores the rich symbolism of the flower, so don’t be deceived by their simple appearance!

Pink Tulip Hand Bouquet is spilling with graceful pink tulips surrounded by cute baby’s breath flowers — a pleasant floral arrangement that is sure to be a gorgeous addition to your wedding photographs! The light colours set against the bride’s white wedding dress will enhance the beauty of her outfit, emphasising her lovely charm. Meaningful and pretty, a bouquet of tulips will definitely be a good option. 

Flowers With Significant Meanings For Weddings

Beyond the sweet appearance of flowers lies deeper meanings. Different flowers hold different symbolisms, and it is important to pick a bridal bouquet with strong significance to you. At Hilton Gifts and Collections, we have an extensive collection of wedding bouquets to cater to your every need. Feel free to browse our website or call our team of professional consultants at +65 6382 3771 and we’d be happy to give you suggestions!

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