Health and Wellness: 3 Benefits of Adding Greenery into Your Home or Office

Whether you’re putting your green fingers to the test or simply looking for creative and affordable ideas to introduce some greenery into your home, you’ve come to the right place! If you don’t have any plants at home, there are cheap flowery deliver services or online florists in Singapore that can deliver some greens or flowering plants right up to your doorstep. 

There are many benefits of being surrounded by plants and flowers that most Singaporeans don’t know. Decorating your living space with greenery can improve the overall quality of life for you and your family. Especially since most of us will be staying home during the coronavirus pandemic, finding a new hobby to focus on while staying indoors can help pass the time and be plenty of fun for the entire family!

Benefits of Decorating Your Living Space With Plants  

Plants and flowers have the ability to elevate the aesthetics of any living space. They are accessories that can fill empty areas and inject life and colour into a room, making it look and feel fresher. Other than its visual appeal, there are a variety of benefits that plants have on our health too! 

1. Improving Air Quality 

Pollution is everywhere, not just out on the street, but indoors too, at work, and at home. Being indoors for prolonged periods of time may expose individuals to toxic emissions from building materials, airborne viruses and mould, especially if there’s limited air circulation. Majority of paints and materials such as rubber and plastic break down over time and release harmful compounds into the air we breathe too.

These chemicals may activate allergies or cause irritation to the eyes, throat, and nose, and even induce headache and fatigue. These minor symptoms may lead to respiratory or nervous system disorders in the long-run. 

We all know that plants release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, but they play a part in cleaning the air and removing toxins too! They remove the toxins in the air by absorbing them and breaking them down into byproducts to store in their soil as nutrients. Whether you’re working from home or at the office, the air will be cleaner if you have plants around, helping you stay focused as well as reduce stress and fatigue! 

Plants are also the perfect alternative to buying a humidifier which requires electricity — plants will increase the humidity in your space without you doing anything (except of course to water it once in a while), reducing the chances of dry air causing irritation in the lungs. If you don’t have the time to go shopping for greenery, there are online florists in Singapore that can deliver flowers and greens to you!

2. Improving Mental Health

Alongside desk organisational tools and decorative ornaments such as photo frames and pictures or wallpaper, plans and flowers have proven to contribute to more productive workspaces at home and in the office! There are many online florists in Singapore that can provide you with cheap flowers and the right greens to display on your desk.

Imagine a dull workspace with no personalisation or unique identity. It can be rather discouraging and unmotivating. Working in such a space in the long-run will dampen your mood and result in a disinterest towards your daily tasks and work, ultimately affecting your mental health. Stress levels and anxiety will rise, and you’ll begin to feel lethargic and unfulfilled at the end of every day.

Plants are the solution! They help you relax and get rid of your pent up frustration and fatigue. The additional colour and life at your workspace will boost your productivity by giving you the chance to take momentary breathers in-between the long working hours of the day. Moreover, taking some time to admire flowers and greenery can also alleviate the strain in your eyes from staring at a computer screen for prolonged periods of time!

It won’t even cost that much to decorate your living or work area with cheap flower delivery services in Singapore! 

3. Improved Interpersonal Skills and Learning Capacity

Having established that plants have the potential to increase one’s level of productivity, they also help to improve an individual’s learning abilities. By relieving stress and fatigue, displaying a leafy green or two from an online florist in Singapore on your desk will boost your mental clarity, making it much easier to focus on your work. 

This does not only apply to adults who spend a lot of time behind a desk but to families with children too! Children will also benefit from a leafy atmosphere which helps them focus by developing sharp cognitive skills.

Additionally, maintaining plants or flowers can have a positive impact on an individual’s character development too. Caring for plants creates an avenue for people to learn a sense of compassion. The compassion one grows to feel by taking care of another living thing develops into empathy, and these emotions may help when it comes to interactions with other people! On a side note, plants don’t even require that much attention, so you’ll be able to take care of them and continue with your daily tasks without feeling guilty.

If you’re stuck at home during the circuit breaker period, cut off from the outside world and your social circles, caring for a plant or flower from an online florist in Singapore can be beneficial for you! With cheap flower delivery services, you won’t even have to leave the comfort of your home.

Health Benefits of Having Plants in Your Home or Office

It’s truly a rejuvenating and refreshing feeling to be constantly surrounded by plants — returning to the rustic way of life, of which man and nature depended on one another for survival. 

We hope this article has not only given you tips on how to improve the interior design and aesthetics of your home but taught you that plants and flowers have the ability to lift your spirits and improve your mood too! Given the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we understand that most people do not have physical access to florists. That’s why we at Hilton Gifts and Collections have opened an online florist platform offering cheap flower and plant delivery in Singapore! Contact us at +65 6382 3771 to get your greens and flowers today!

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