5 Gorgeous Blooms To Match Their Personality

There is something alluring and irresistible about flowers that make them perfect for just about anything! Whatever style you’re looking for, be it modern and elegant or rustic and wild, there are many florists in Singapore that offer a wide variety of flower arrangements for you to choose from! 

While flowers can be given for any reason, or absolutely no reason at all, they can reveal a lot about someone’s personality traits. Once you find the perfect blooms that represent the best traits of who you’re giving the flowers to, you’ll realise just how much more meaningful sending flowers can be! To help you make the next big impression, we’ve handpicked 5 of our favourite flower bouquets in Singapore — one for every personality type! 

For The Romantic One

For those who are romantic at heart, nothing spells love like a bunch of roses. Roses are the epitome of romance, beauty and perfection and are ideal for women who have a timeless sense of style. If your loved one is passionate and would value this traditional choice of flowers, check out our Valentine’s Hand Bouquet for your sweet valentine! 

This gorgeous bouquet comes with 12 stalks of our premium red roses, adorned with a touch of baby’s breath flowers. If you would prefer other colours besides red, you can also choose from pink, lavender, white, yellow and orange for your roses! 

For The Classy And Exotic One

Orchids are fascinating flowers that represent grace, luxury and strength. They’re definitely a creative choice of flowers perfect for that exotic personality in your life who is bold and speaks their mind. 

If your loved one is someone who values something out of the box, our Orchid Table Bouquet will definitely capture their hearts! This bouquet features a special arrangement of 30 stalks of mixed orchids and is truly a delight to behold with its vibrant colours! 

For the Cheerful And Energetic One

Nothing spreads warmth and happiness like sunflowers! With their captivating yellow petals, sunflowers are blooms that can lift spirits and brighten up the day of someone you care about. Sunflowers also symbolise loyalty and the perfect choice for those with a bubbly and energetic personality! 

Our Sunflowers Hand Bouquet is an eye-catching ensemble of 3 vibrant sunflowers accentuated with exotic leafy foliage. Spread some cheer and joy with our stunning sunflowers! 

For The Compassionate One

Lilies are versatile flowers that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Their uniquely shaped petals are widely admired and are a sophisticated choice of flowers to express your love and adoration for the people who mean the most to you! 

Lilies are known to represent compassion and will be an excellent choice for the special ones  in your life who always go the extra mile to help people. Our Lilies Hand Bouquet is a striking display of 10 gorgeous lilies which come in a variety of colours you can choose from! 

For The Sensitive And Thoughtful One

Easily identified by their cup-shaped petals, tulips exude elegance and are an expressive choice of flowers for the thoughtful one in your life. Tulips convey feelings such as comfort and warmth and are a suitable choice of blooms for the kind, sensitive and thoughtful one in your life that always cares about others’ feelings. 

One of one our favourites, the Tulip Bouquet comes with 2 toned orange tulips and is a unique bouquet fitting for the special someone in your life! 

Flower Bouquet Singapore

Whether you’re choosing flowers for your lovely mom, a close friend or the love of your life, finding blooms to match their personalities will add extra meaning to the flowers you give them. If you’re trying to find the perfect choice of flowers for that special person in your life and require some assistance, our team at Hilton Gifts would be more than happy to help you out! Give us a call at 63823771 and be sure to check out our collection of hand bouquets here!

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