Home Decor: 6 Creative Ways To Display Flowers Around The House

There are many ways to beautify your home by taking advantage of empty display spaces such as tabletops and shelves. Other than photo frames and artwork, fresh flowering greens are one of the most popular items used to add a breath of life and revitalise living spaces and work stations. Flowers have the capability to inject colour, brightness, and vitality into any atmosphere almost instantaneously, whether you choose to display them on your home office desk, living room, or your bedroom nightstand.

Bringing nature indoors by adding stunning natural elements and motifs around the house is actually be pretty simple. You don’t even have to grow your own flowers! Online florists in Singapore delivery a range of bouquets and blooms right to your doorstep. In this article, we will be imparting some tricks and ideas on how you can creatively display fresh flowers around your home! 

1. Combine Your Fresh Florals with Fresh Fruit

Fresh flowers and fruits are a perfect pairing to establish an aesthetically pleasing and natural ambience. You can either display flowers together with fruits in a basket or put them in a transparent fruit-filled vase customised with slices of any fruit you have on hand. If you want to go the extra mile, you may even hunt for flowers and fruits with colours that complement each other and their surroundings!

2. Ditch The Traditional Flower Vase 

Instead of displaying your flower bouquets in a conventional flower vase, let your creative juices flow! You can display flowers in almost anything, from vintage canisters to baskets, boxes, teacups, or jars and jugs with unique colour-coordinated designs. You may even display flowers in rustic lanterns and empty wine or perfume bottles, giving your living space a look that’s both elegant and personalised. 

3. Utilise Empty Spaces and Unused Household Items

Displaying flowers in unique ways where people least expect them may give your house the extraordinary factor it needs! If you have space by the windowsill, a porch, or a garden, try hanging flower pots or empty bottles and using them as vases, or turning old furniture into vintage floral displays. For example, if you have a short ladder just sitting around, you could use it to fill an empty space in your home and display some flowers on each step. Being creative with your displays will reward your home with a unique charm and appeal!

4. Invest in Foyer Decor To Make a Good First Impression 

If you carefully plan the interior design and decor of your home’s foyer scene or entryway, flowers can do wonders to make guests feel welcome even in a space that’s both modern and formal. Impress your friends and family when they come over to visit by greeting them with stylish flowers at the entrance of your house! 

5. A Wishing Bowl of Floating Blooms

Get creative with a simple bowl of water by letting your flowering greens float on the surface! You can display them anywhere in the house and your guests will naturally be drawn to such an interesting display of your blooms. You could even suggest tossing a coin into the wishing bowl to start a conversation! Flower bouquets that have begun to wither are perfect for this. You’d be making your money’s worth by fully utilising their beauty till the very end. 

6. Create Your Own Floral Rainbow 

If you have kids at home, this could be a fun project to work on together! Pick any type of glassware from the kitchen, be it a wine glass or ordinary cups. Fill them up with water before adding different colour dyes into each glassware. These could be the perfect decorations for your kids’ bedroom. You may even choose to display white flowers and wait for them to adorn the colour of your respective dyes! 

6 Creative Ways to Display Flowers Around the House

Whether you’re filling up the empty space in your living room with towering blooms or simply decorating your windowsill, there are a number of ways that displaying flowers can give your home the pop of colour it needs! At Hilton Gifts and Collections, we have an online florist shop and delivery services to cater to your every floral need.

Due to the coronavirus, most Singaporeans are stuck at home and picking up all sorts of new hobbies this season. Be it to decorate your house, or send a flower bouquet to convey your warmest regards to a friend or loved one, give us a call at +65 6382 3771 to find out more about our services today!

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