5 Unique Grand Opening Flower Stands To Congratulate A Business Associate

Your business associate has just started a new venture. To congratulate them and send best wishes for their endeavours, you’ll probably purchase a grand opening flower stand from a florist in Singapore. But where can you find a unique one that will not only beautify their storefront or office but also stand out and make them remember and appreciate what you bought?

Many online florists in Singapore provide carefully crafted flower stands perfect for this special occasion! In this article, we present to you 5 unique grand opening flower stands to convey your heartfelt congratulations. 

Find a Grand Opening Flower Stand in Singapore

It’s important to know your recipient’s taste so you can get a grand opening flower stand that is a good reflection of themselves and their business. The colours, decorative elements and level of extravagance are all key considerations. With this in mind, our unique flower stands listed below are specially curated for various businesses and individuals. 

1. A Cute and Whimsical Flower Stand

Not satisfied with a single bouquet of flowers? Our cute and whimsical flower stand Gracious Fortune takes things to the next level by displaying not one, but two magnificent bouquets! These pretty flowers come in three shades of pink, ranging from baby pink to deep fuschia topped with elegant silver ribbons draped below the flowers enhance the look. 

Gracious Fortune also comes with pastel blue and pink balloons that have been shaped into cute flower designs to complement the bouquets and create a grand opening flower stand bursting with sweet and cheerful energy. If your recipient is someone that doesn’t go for conventional aesthetics, this is the perfect stand to show them that you understand their tastes. 

2. A Grand and Vibrant Flower Stand

Glory of Success immediately catches the eye with a spectacular bouquet of scarlet poppies and pale pink flowers that have been set against lush green fillers. The line of light purple balloons frames the top of the bouquet as well, creating a fanned-out display similar to a grand peacock tail. 

What’s more, vivid red ribbons hang from the bouquet, twisting like long tendrils, heightening the grandness of the flower stand. This stand is perfect for anyone who doesn’t believe that less is more, so don’t be shy and send them this flower stand as a grand gesture! 

3.  A Fun and Festive Flower Stand

If you want something exploding with a fun and festive vibe, this is the grand opening stand for you. Instead of a regular flower stand, the Grand Opening Flowers is designed to make it look like a flower bouquet is sitting atop a pillar of balloons! You can even choose the colour of the balloons to suit your recipient’s tastes or business, bringing that extra touch of personalisation to your gift.

It also boasts a stunning bouquet of multicoloured flowers such as red roses and striking blue carnations that have been tastefully contrasted against green palm leaves. Give a new business a boost of confidence with this majestic assortment of blooms and balloons brimming with joyful bliss!

4. A Feminine and Elegant Flower Stand

Searching for something more elegant? We’ve got you covered. Our flower stand, Pink Beauty, sports is bursting with delicate red roses and pink-hued flowers that have been intricately arranged against a bush of greenery. Exuding graceful confidence, this luxurious flower arrangement is reminiscent of greenery from a royal palace garden. 

Its feminine design makes it excellent for businesses offering beauty products or services. With its regal presence, Pink Beauty will definitely add a touch of sophistication to any storefront and help to express your sincere wish for the business’ success.

5. A Bright and Auspicious Flower Stand

For those who prefer traditional styles, opt for our Grand Opening Flowers stand. The main colours of its design are yellow and orange, auspicious colours signifying wealth. Bursting with vibrance and jubilance, this flower stand is crowned by a gilded “?” sign denoting your prosperous well wishes.

The Grand Opening Flowers stand also features a rich bouquet of lively sunflowers and red gerberas that presents recipients with the joyful abundance of spring! Treat them with this spectacular golden display guaranteed to usher in flourishing business for years to come.  

Purchasing Unique Flower Stands

Here at Hilton, we have a rich collection of customisable grand opening flower stands suitable for a wide range of businesses. Our professional florists are committed to creating fun and interesting designs that attract attention and make a lasting impression on business associates. Need to celebrate a new business? Be sure to check out our website for the full range of impressive flower stands! Or drop us a call at 6382 3771 and our team will be happy to help you.