5 Bridal Shower Favours Your Guests Will Absolutely Adore

Whether you have a large wedding or a private soiree, there are no rules when it comes to picking wedding favours. These personalized mini gifts offer lasting memories and a way to thank loved ones for coming to celebrate you and your big day. The best favours are those of sentimental value to you and your dearest while still being practical for your guests. If you’re struggling to find time to plan out every detail of your wedding with unique touches, our florists have got you covered! 

One-of-a-kind tote bags

Everyone loves a tote bag. Not only are tote bags practical, but they’re also handy, convenient and made to last. So why not take them to the next level? As the one take-home from your special occasion, a personalized tote bag makes a perfect memento to remember. If you love this idea for your wedding, give it a one-of-a-kind touch by incorporating thematic prints or colours of your wedding in their names, they’ll feel much more included.

Bath bombs

Whether for the young or for the young at heart, bath bombs are coveted mini gifts that are well-loved across the globe. Bath bombs are perfect for destination weddings and are great for guests who are travelling for one. Your guests can soak themselves in an at-home spa session with this heavenly-goodness after the wedding before they return to their skies on a trip back home. Get regular scented fizzes to honour your special day or better yet, Instagram-ready macaron bath bombs to help your guests have a relaxing at-home spa session after the wedding. All they gotta do is sit in their bathtub, grab a read or perhaps a glass of wine, and relax. Sure to make any celebrant’s heart melt, they’ll never want to unplug the drain.


Save the over-the-top silliness and sass and go traditional with edible favours. Sure, they’re nothing new, but these mini gifts can be made with backstories that make them truly unique!

It’s the perfect way to pay homage to the bride’s heritage or simply incorporate her favourite flavours into a memento to remember! This bridal shower favour can also serve as thoughtful and elegant table gifts which can withstand the test of time. A rustic-themed wedding needs touches of burlap or lace, so don’t forget to personalize the bottles to ensure they’re on-theme with your wedding theme. Plus, they’re affordable and straightforward to use! Our tip: seasoned, vintage jars make your wedding favour uniquely you and seal them with a personalized label entailing the ceremony date. Your guests will thank you by the end of the day!


These little plants aren’t your typical wedding greenery, but their rise in their popularity has made them popular as thank-you gifts. Not only do they make any home more delightful, but they also are relatively easy to take care of, and not to mention, so darn cute! Many florists in Singapore readily sell succulents, and these miniature plants are commonly seen in florists arrangements at vintage-themed ceremonies. Paired with a stylish pot, these plant babies are the perfect bridal shower gifts for you, guests, to take home to.

As they require low-maintenance to look after, they won’t hurt your back pocket either. So, it’s easy to make these favours extra special! It’s best to speak to a florist on adding personalized notes to each, and of course to seek help with flower delivery to ensure they reach you safe and sound before you hand them over to your guests. Florists can also help you with adding a care manual so you can rest assured that your guests will know how to look after this unique planters.


While fresh plants may not be everyone’s cup of tea, your guests won’t be able to resist a delicate blend of dried petals and spices. Potpourris are great alternatives to fresh plants, and they’re a meaningful and thoughtful gift that adds a pleasing scent to any room. Plus, it’s a playful way to remind them of the happy celebration! While premade potpourris are readily available, you can plan ahead and make your very own personalized potpourri mix! So whether you sweet scents like lily or tropical scented flowers like the blooms of a frangipani flower, you can incorporate your favourite flowers and herbs for a special touch. Pair them with muslin pouches that match your wedding decor, and your guests won’t be able to resist! 

Make Every Favour Count

From edible favours to personalized gifts, we hope these cues from our florists can give you a headstart at picking the perfect bridal shower favour. At Hilton, it’s our belief that simple things make life big. From affordable gifts for every occasion to reliable flower delivery services, we can be there when you need us most. If you need further assistance, feel free to call our professional consultants +65 6382 3771, and we’d be happy to assist you!

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