The Ultimate Guide on Gift-Giving for Christmas to your Relatives

The season of giving is a wonderful time to give thanks to our nearest and dearest, it’s that favourite time of the year again. While the season of jolly ushers the beginning of tucking into festive goodies, what better time than now to surprise your relatives with some holiday magic and let them know how much they mean to you! From classic chocolate hampers to one-of-a-kind electrical Christmas gifts, take our cues when you wear your Santa hat and go gift-shopping next! 

For gifts below $60

If you’re in search to pamper and delight your close ones with a luxurious, tasteful mix of sweet treats, we have one that’s just perfect for them. The Christmas Chocolate Hamper is a chocolate lover’s paradise. From Delfi’s almond milk chocolates to Suntree’s classic butterscotch candies, your recipient will find a delectable range of noshes sure to butter up any sweet tooth! The luscious variety of food treats is beautifully presented in a traditional, rustic white basket, which can be repurposed after its’ contents have been devoured. 

If sweet cravings aren’t your thing or if you simply prefer skipping on alcoholic booze, we’ve got something for you. Our Non-Alcohol Food Hamper (Halal-Certified) is chocked with savoury and sweet snacks. Everything from Cadbury’s dairy milk chocolates to Miaow’s green pea snacks, these treats are carefully hand-picked for Christmas gatherings in mind. Amidst the tantalizing assortment of treats, your gift recipient will find a bottle of Royal Sparkling Juice to finish off the night with. So whether you’re buying this for a family member or to give thanks for a house-warming gift, these festive-after dinner hamper treats are sure to impress! 

For gifts below $70

Gift-giving doesn’t always have to be grand, sometimes we just want to celebrate the sound of jingle bells just around the corner. If your relative has a knack for cooking, why not surprise them with electrical hampers like our 3 in 1 Blender? Fuss-free, tuck into home affair goodies that give a personal touch! Portable and compact, rest assured this blender is just what your relative needs to become the next Masterchef! Not only can they save them time and effort, the powerful motor chops, minces, blends and purees just about anything! And the best part, they do not occupy much of the kitchen’s space!

If you’ve been cracking your head over the perfect Christmas gift, sit back and relax when you need to make an impression this Christmas. At Hilton Gifts, we take the utmost pride to ensure every Christmas gift is presented with the best selection of festive goodies to satisfy everyone’s cravings. Our Non-Alcohol Food Hamper rings warmth and cheers to usher the festive spirit. Loaded to the brim in a sleek, pyramid style hamper, expect a heavenly collection of luxurious sweetmeats for any Christmas occasion in mind. Everything from local cultural delights to fine foods, you have all options covered. This one is a real show stopper and a decadent indulgence that will leave your relatives sure to pig out! Let’s not forget the Blue Cocktail: the star of the hamper! 

For gifts below $80

There’s nothing more heartwarming than to receive a Christmas gift that celebrates the flavours of that oh-so jolly season. Gift hampers are well-loved, but a well-rounded hamper for a Christmas feast is sure to leave the food-laden lover swooning! From delicious cashew cookies, classic Beaulieu 2014 wine to even finely made honey baked ham, your recipients can eat to their heart contents without feeling too heavy! If you want to let your relative know just how much they mean to you, this hamper covers all bases to please. Your relative will definitely thank you by the end of the day!

Of course, if you’re in search for a classic Christmas hamper for the wine connoisseur, why not settle for a Wine Hamper & Pink Roses? Tis’ the season to be jolly! At Hilton, we make the art of gifting wine a breeze. This sleek, sensational wine hamper marries elegance and grace and is a real crowd-pleasing gift. And especially so if you don’t quite know their food preferences, this is the perfect way to bask in the seasonal celebrations with a personal touch! Inside the exceptional Christmas gift includes De’ Valier’s Italian Red Wine complemented by hand-selected pink roses. And trust us on this, they’ll end the decade with a bang. So spoil them like never before!

Christmas Gifts Singapore 

At Hilton, we make the gift of giving effortless because we understand the importance of telling people you care. From chocolate hampers to electrical hampers which can be found in the Christmas Hamper Catalogue, it’s easy to celebrate the joy of gift-giving with us. For all enquiries, do give us a call at 63283771, and our team at Hilton Gifts will gladly assist you!

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