Last-Minute Gifts That Are Sure To Impress: Flowers, Hampers and More

Many of us are so busy with work, school and our social commitments that we feel pressed for time to make presents or go shopping to find the perfect gift for our loved ones on special occasions. But with all that said, is there still a way to give them a pleasant last-minute surprise? 

Whether it’s for anniversaries, graduations or birthdays, online florists in Singapore offer a wide variety of gift hampers and flowers that can be delivered straight to your recipients’ homes. Sending them presents during important milestones is a good way to show that you are thinking about them! Read on to discover a few last-minute gifts that are guaranteed to impress. 

Welcoming a Newborn

Having a newborn is a momentous event and the start of a new beginning. If you’re looking for a gift hamper that not only conveys your well wishes with flowers but also contains useful essentials, opt for our New Born Baby Hamper.

It features a cheerful red basket complete with a small bouquet as well as items for both parent and child. This plentiful basket will definitely bring joy to your recipient with its pretty exterior and cute bunny plush toy peeking out of the box, ready for the little one to cuddle. With baby diapers and a bib included in the hamper as well, these necessities will prove useful in helping new parents navigate the world of parenthood. 

On top of that, New Born Baby Hamper is customisable based on the newborn’s gender — boys will receive blue items while girls will get pink ones. This way, your gift hamper can be personalised and meaningful for the receiver. 

Congratulating Wedding Couples

Weddings are a time of joyous bliss. With that in mind, our Wine Hamper & Pink Roses is perfect for the occasion. Vibrant pink and yellow roses are paired with delicate Baby’s Breath amidst lush green fillers, a gorgeous floral arrangement epitomising everlasting love and purity. These beautiful blooms are also lovingly nestled in a paper flower basket topped with a ribbon to complete the look, making for an elegant gift to congratulate the wedding couple on their happy union. 

What’s more, the set includes a rich bottle of De Valier Rosso Italian Red Wine to let the couple indulge in celebratory cheer and energise them in preparation for spending the rest of their lives together. This gift hamper is certainly a symbol of graceful abundance, redolent of the richness of spring!

Express Your Love To Her

Deep red roses are iconic flowers that are perfect for expressing your passion and true love towards the girl of your dreams. Displaying 5 red roses accentuated by purple phoenixes and resting on a bed of green leaves, Bear Love will surely win her heart over! An endearingly cute bear plushie sits atop the pretty bouquet, presenting a small heart to your beloved. 

Sweet pink ribbons also adorn the floral arrangement which creates a stunning design that conveys your adoration and readiness to commit. This hand bouquet will definitely show your partner your heartfelt sentiment that she is like no other.

Wishing Friends A Happy Graduation

Your friends have just completed an important chapter in their lives and are finally moving on to become working adults. If you want to congratulate them on their big day, our striking Blue Bearry hand bouquet is an eye-catching floral arrangement that will highlight your admiration for their accomplishment!

Blue Bearry features a crowned bear plushie placed on top of 10 electric blue roses, a glorious display that mirrors their feat of surviving more than 10 years of formal education. With its vibrant colour, this bouquet is guaranteed to brighten up all graduation pictures. 

Surprise Them With Birthday Gifts

We always want to get gifts that our loved ones will like, but we also want them to be unique. If your friend has a sweet tooth, then look no further! Sweeten up your friend’s birthday with our Checks hand bouquet. Instead of traditional flowers, this unique bouquet consists of a rich cluster of 15 Ferrero Rocher balls. 

Gleaming with golden brilliance and wrapped with vivid red paper, Checks is not only a beautiful gift but will also serve as a delicious snack for your friend to enjoy. 

Where To Get Last-Minute Gifts Singapore

Forgetting to buy gifts at an earlier date for your loved ones does not mean that it is the end of the world. There are still ways to send them your well wishes and congratulations! Here at Hilton Gifts and Collections, we provide a stunning assortment of flowers and gift hampers to suit anyone’s fancy. Our flower delivery services to anywhere in Singapore also mean that your gifts can reach your recipient on time. Need to get a last-minute gift? Contact us at +65 6382 3771 today!

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