Home Office Decor: 5 Creative Ways To Decorate Your Desk At Home

Working from home has become the new norm, and our houses have been converted into personal offices as we spend our days working alone. While we may miss our friends from work, there is still a way to improve our mood right at home. So why not lift your spirits by beautifying your personal workstation?

A brightened atmosphere can inspire creativity and significantly improve workflow. With personalised displays and vibrant greenery in your room, working at home will no longer be a dull experience! Online florists provide a wide selection of stunning floral arrangements guaranteed to spruce up your desk and shelves. They can even deliver hand-arranged designs that are specifically catered to your taste! Here are 5 creative ways to decorate your desk at home.

1. Choose a Theme and Colour Scheme

Are you a sucker for all things minimalistic? Or are you obsessed with multi-coloured items? Your desk should be unique and reflective of your tastes, and deciding on a theme or aesthetic allows you to start planning the overall look. If you love warm hues, consider getting a golden mug for your daily coffee, or order a honey-coloured laptop sleeve complemented by a deep red mouse pad. Every little detail counts in contributing to your theme. Be fun and creative, the endless possibilities lie in your hands.

2. Add Indoor Plants

Including elements of nature brings a breath of fresh air to your home, keeping you refreshed whilst working. From orchids to money plants, nature has gifted us with countless varieties of beautiful plants perfect for decorating your desk. At Hilton, our online flower shop offers a selection of plants under the categories of Table Garden and Table Bouquets that you can position beside your laptop for admiring. 

Those going for an exotic look exuding grace and sophistication can consider getting our Echeveria Cage — a delicate, pristine white frame enclosing small succulent Echeverias. With an elegant pastel blue bow tied on top and sleek, hanging gilded hooks that overlook the plants, feel a sense of calmness as you gaze at them during your breaks. Not only are plants pretty, but they also help to purify the air and improve your mood!

3. Hang Art and Photo Displays

We all want to surround ourselves with meaningful items. Artworks and images complement flowers to accentuate the beauty of your home office. If you are a fan of pop art, you can frame your favourite silkscreens and hang them in front of your desk. Being able to admire things you love allows you to feel happy and energised as you complete your daily tasks. 

Additionally, to remind yourself of your friends and loved ones, clip your polaroids capturing important memories on a string of twine and display them in front of you. This allows you to remain positive and feel motivated whilst working. 

You can even take things to the next level by clipping small items like origami hearts and tiny flags in between your polaroids!

4. Let There Be Light!

Good lighting is important. Besides preventing damage to your eyes as you work, having a stylish lamp can also greatly shape the overall aesthetic of your workspace and give it a pleasing ambience. Love animals? Opt for an adorable cat-shaped LED lamp that glows in the dark or if you’re more of a minimalist, go for a thin metal lamp that’s sleek and stylish. 

But don’t forget, lights aren’t just a tableside option. Stringing fairy lights along with your polaroids can bring a magical element to your room, bathing the pictures in a warm, pretty glow that welcomes you every time you step inside your home office. 

5. Get Reorganised

You’ll be amazed at what reorganisation can do for your desk. Instead of leaving your documents sprawled across the table, colourful file pockets can instantly divide your documents into different vertical sections,allowing you to find what you need within seconds. 

On top of that, instantly reduce your clutter by hiding essential office tools away in small boxes and baskets. These can be decorated with gift wrappers or covered in your own illustrations. Just throw your paper clips and staplers into these boxes and voila, the miscellaneous objects will disappear from sight! You can also use personalised cups or DIY baskets to hold your pens after you are done using them. The problem of having random pesky pens strewn about will soon be a thing of the past. 

Creative Ways To Decorate Your Desk For Your Home Office

All in all, your home office desk is a visual manifestation of your personality and creativity. At Hilton Gifts and Collections, we offer an array of floral arrangements that satisfy all your decorative needs. These will blend in seamlessly with all other decorative items to create your dream home office desk. Keen on having flowers delivered straight to your home? Call us at +65 6382 3771 to enquire more about our services today!

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