Expert Tips on Picking the Right Flowers & Wreaths for Funerals

Losing a loved one is hard for anyone to go through and during this period, a simple gesture such as sending flowers can go a long way, bringing much needed emotional comfort to the family during this time of grieving. 

Sending flowers is a great way to express your condolences, however there are some things that you may want to take into consideration when putting together your

Consider the Symbolism Behind Different Floral Arrangements 

When it comes to condolence flowers, there are many variations of flower arrangements that hold different meanings. Before sending the flowers, you may want to consider what each floral arrangement represents. For example, wreaths represent everlasting life and unending love. These arrangements are appropriate for family members and close friends to send, expressing their condolences. 

Flower stands are also suitable for anyone to send, making them a reliable choice for consideration if you’d like to send flowers as a way of expressing your sympathies. 

The Memories Wreath Stand, has a delicate mix of white flowers, from Gerberas to Roses to Lilies arranged in a circular formation, representing eternal life and love. These are some of the most traditional flowers observed at funerals, each carrying their own meaning, and the use of completely white flowers adds a refined and sacred touch to the wreath. 

Know Your Flower Language 

Every flower has its own unique meaning. For example, white Lily flowers represent the renewed peace of the departed soul, while Gerberas symbolise innocence and purity. This is what makes sending flowers so personal, as it allows you to customise the perfect mixture of flowers to convey your best wishes. 

A funeral flower stand with a combination of these flowers will help to convey across a complete and genuine message. For example, the Condolence Wreath Flower Stand, a pure and beautiful pairing of white Gerberas representing newfound innocence, and white Chrysanthemums symbolize grief, brings across the meaning of finding peace within solemnity.

Send a Compassionate Message 

Along with your flowers, you may want to include a card with a written message containing kind words which will aid in consoling the family of the departed. Writing a message allows you to be more personal with your wishes and it helps you to express your condolences in a heartfelt and sincere manner. 

Consider the Faith of the Deceased and Their Family 

Although there are good intentions behind sending flowers, it is important to be aware of the recipient’s culture and beliefs to help decide if sending flowers would be appropriate. There are some key things to take note of for families with certain religions as sending flowers can actually be frowned upon when done wrongly. 

Especially for Singaporeans who live in a multicultural society, it is important for one to be cautious when selecting flowers to funerals and being mindful of the family’s religious and cultural customs. 

For example, in Chinese families, white flowers are a safe choice because they have been used customarily for mourning. Any red flowers or gifts will be distasteful for funerals, because red is a colour meant for auspicious occasions. 

The Thoughtful Flower Stand comprises a refined selection of white Chrysanthemum and Gerbera flowers, and they are heavily adorned by luscious green leaves, which are believed to be emotionally soothing. 

Generally, in Christianity and Catholicism, all flowers and arrangements are welcomed and accepted. However, for Muslim Funerals, it is better to request consent from the family before sending flowers for there is a greater emphasis placed on simplicity in Islamic cultures. 

Condolences Flowers and Wreaths in Singapore 

Experiencing the loss of a loved one is hard for anyone to go through, however the warm-hearted action of sending flowers alone, may mean a lot to the family on the receiving end, giving them the emotional support and encouragement that they need to tide over this difficult period of time. 
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