Coping With COVID: 4 Tips to Boost Morale When Businesses Reopen

Morale plays an important role in ensuring the success of every company. Studies have shown that employees stationed in positive work environments with vibrant and healthy company cultures happen to be more happy and efficient. Therefore, creating an environment or culture where positive values are practised will encourage employees to be more productive, ultimately helping businesses operations run more smoothly and effectively.

Even a small gesture such as redecorating the office by ordering in some flowering greens from an online florist in Singapore can do wonders by freshening up the workspace. Additionally, since most businesses in Singapore are currently taking a break due to the circuit breaker measures implemented, you may also decide to order grand opening flowers to welcome your employees back and commemorate the reopening of your business! 

1. Improve Communication 

It is important to treat every employee as an equal. Let them know that they have a voice and that their opinions matter by asking for their feedback or including them into conversations that affect them, especially when it comes to new organisational arrangements that may impact them. If they feel safe about expressing themselves at work, they will be more likely to communicate and contribute.

Being transparent with your employees also reflects well on your leadership capabilities as an employer. By making your employees feel valued and vested in the company, they become an effective cog in the wheel of your corporation, working for the benefit of the company, and not just for themselves. You may take the initiative to engage in causal conversations with your employees. Really get to know them by going beyond the “my door is open whenever you need me” principle! 

2. Employee Recognition 

Employee recognition can take the form of small gestures such as a half-day off to reward your employees for their hard work. You may even host semi-annual events for the company, encouraging your employees to bring their families. Aside from being a night to acknowledge and appreciate your employees, it can also serve as a platform for them to interact with one another, fostering an inclusive work culture.

You can prepare trophies or bouquets from online florists in Singapore to reward and make the achievements of outstanding employees known in front of their families and the company, boosting their morale and loyalty to the company, and also encouraging them to keep up the great work. 

3. Introduce Greenery Into The Office

Imagine returning to the workplace after the COVID-19 pandemic to a range of beautifully arranged brightly coloured flowers such as sunflowers, roses, gerberas and lilies. Grand opening flowers are a great way to mark the opening of a new business in Singapore, but what most people don’t consider is the positive impact it has on the company’s employees too.

Starting work again surrounded by extravagant flowers that signify prosperity will surely brighten up your employees’ day, giving them the confidence and drive they need to work hard, generating revenue and growing your business! Even having small plants and greenery around the office will help relieve stress and fatigue for your employees so that they can focus on their work with mental clarity. 

Plants are perfect at helping people relax when taking momentary breathers during long working hours. You can encourage your employees to bring their own table plants or contact an online florist in Singapore to deliver some cheap desk greens. Wouldn’t that be a nice gesture to brighten up someone’s day! 

4. Create an Incentive Program 

Depending on your budget, some flowers from an online florist in Singapore or a simple gift voucher can do the trick! A small token of appreciation can go a long way to motivate your employees and show them that their hard work is noticed and appreciated. Online florists in Singapore allow you to personalise your gift to suit your particular employee’s taste and preferences — you can customise a bouquet with their favourite flowers or include small items like soft toys, chocolates, or a notebook. 

Conversely, you could offer something that will help your employees in their personal growth, such as kindles with books or sign them up for fun and interesting classes depending on their interests. Some of these classes could be fitness or arts and craft related such as Zumba classes or pottery classes. 

Tips and Ideas on How to Improve The Morale of Your Employees

From tips on how to improve communication, drive productivity, and create a positive work culture, there is definitely some way in which the morale at your workplace can be improved! 
We hope this article has helped you generate some fresh ideas that will motivate your employees. If you’re considering impressing your customers and employees with grand opening flowers or thinking of injecting some greenery into your workplace, we at Hilton Gifts and Collections have opened an online florist platform offering cheap flower and plant delivery in Singapore! Contact us at +65 6382 3771 to get your greens and flowers today!

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