Christmas Gifts that you can gift to Bridge the Gap with Distant Relatives and Acquaintances

The famous proverb “absence makes the heart grow fonder” indeed holds true to a certain extent. We all have at least one relative or friend who lives too far away whom you don’t meet often. They are also the ones who remember your birthday and will call you from time to time to check on you.

Christmas is the best opportunity for you to connect with your distant relatives and acquaintances. If you’re on the hunt for Christmas Gifts to express your love and care for them, look no more! Here is a list of our top picks that’ll bring joy and happiness to them.

1. Christmas Chocolate Hamper

The best way to spread joy this Christmas is by giving people what they want: delicious food. A Chocolate Hamper is a dream come true for all the snack and chocolate lovers! It consists of some of the most popular and tastiest snacks such as Danish Dreams’ Assortment Candy Chocolate, Chiqola Strawberry Cream Pralines and Loacker Napolitaner Wafer, just to name a few. It is sure to be a hit amongst anyone with a sweet tooth! This appetizing assortment of festive after-dinner treats wouldn’t feel too heavy on their stomachs. Thus, they can eat to their heart contents without feeling bloated! 

At Hilton Gifts, we take pride in ensuring that each gift hamper is presented to perfection and with the best selection of snacks to satisfy any sugar-laden cravings. Our Chocolate Hamper is decorated with all things related to Christmas – Santa Claus wrapping paper, bows, glass ball ornaments and ribbons.

2. Red Wine Hamper

If you’re still pondering over what Christmas Gift you should get for your distant relatives and friends, why not settle for a Red Wine Hamper? When you’re giving wine, you’re giving more than just a bottle. In fact, you’re offering an experience that is even more enjoyable when it is shared with their families and friends!

Since chocolate and alcohol form a beautiful pair, our hamper is the perfect all-rounded Christmas gift. It not only contains the popular Baron De Turis Red Wine but is also choked to the brim with heavenly-tasting chocolates such as Ferrero Rocher, Danish Original Chocolate Cookies and the list goes on! 

Not to mention, there are several health benefits to drinking a glass of wine – it is rich in antioxidants, reduces the risk of heart-disease, and helps improves gut health, just to name a few.

3. Mini Food Processor

If your distant relatives or acquaintances love celebrating Christmas with home-cooked food, why not surprise them with our Mini Food Processor? They are super handy and compact which means that they do not occupy much of the kitchen’s space. Not only do these mini food choppers save time and effort, they have a powerful motor that chops, minces, blends, and purees a variety of ingredients quickly. This versatile product will be greatly appreciated by your distant relatives and acquaintances, especially if they are passionate about cooking.

4. Hamper For the Ham Lovers

Surprise your relatives and acquaintances with our perfectly well-rounded Christmas hamper that has almost everything that you can imagine for a Christmas feast! From delicious chocolates, royal sparkling juice for non-alcoholics to even the finely made honey baked ham, this selection has been designed with festive foodies in mind. There’s also an assortment of snacks like cashew cookies and chocolate-coated crispy puffs and also, the classic Beaulieu 2014. All in all, this gift is fitting for everyone that will definitely spark joy and brighten up their day!

Christmas Gifts that you can gift to Bridge the Gap with Distant Relatives and Acquaintances

We understand that finding the perfect gift for distant relatives and acquaintances can be extremely difficult. However, we hope that this article has helped you generate some interesting gift ideas that can bridge the gap with them.

At Hilton Gifts, we offer a wide variety of Christmas Gifts ranging from Chocolate Hampers to even kitchen appliances which can be found in the Christmas Hamper Catalogue as well as reliable delivery services which you can count on to deliver these gifts on time for Christmas. For all enquiries, do give us a call at 63283771 and we will be more than happy to serve you. 

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