A Guide To Choosing The Right Flowers To Send To A Funeral

Different flowers have different meanings and symbolism associated with them. Knowing the appropriate type of flowers to send for every occasion will make the act of flower-gifting more memorable. Most importantly, it will ensure that your message and well wishes are accurately represented. 

People engage flower delivery services in Singapore to have flowers delivered to funeral services for the purpose of expressing sympathy to the family of the deceased. The right flowers will not only be able to lighten the atmosphere but will also show your care and concern too. 

Furthermore, wreaths are also a popular flower arrangement for funerals due to its cyclical nature, which is symbolically viewed as a representation of the circle of life or eternal life. Having one delivered to a funeral serves as a token of respect for the deceased, celebrating his/her life that has come full circle or the continuation of life, even after death. In this article, we will be giving you an informative guide on how to choose the right type of flowers to send to a funeral. 

1. Lilies 

Lilies are one of the most standard choices of flowers for funerals, representing the restoration of innocence or the return to a state of purity for the soul of the departed. They are also renowned for their simplicity and beauty, making them appropriate for sensitive occasions such as funeral services, instilling peace and serenity to the atmosphere. Ordering lilies through a flower delivery service in Singapore will certainly convey your sympathy towards the family of the deceased. 

2. Gladiolus 

The gladiolus is an impressionistic breed of flower, growing up to at least 1 metre with multiple flowers blooming on one stem. It is not only tall but majestic too, boasting large colourful blooms that symbolise one’s strength of character and moral integrity. Sending a wreath which includes gladiolus flowers can convey the message that the deceased was a sincere and honourable person throughout his life. They also come in a variety of colours such as orange, red, pink, purple, white, and more.   

3. Chrysanthemums 

Chrysanthemums are almost only used as funeral flowers because they symbolise the death of a loved one across many cultures. They are often used in funeral bouquets or placed upon the graves to symbolise lamentation and grief. If you’re interested in combining chrysanthemums with other types of flowers to arrange a sympathetic funeral bouquet, there are online flower delivery services in Singapore that can help you do just that. 

4. Carnations 

Carnations come in a variety of bright colours, making them a popular choice for beautifying flower bouquets. However, they are also a popular choice when it comes to sympathy flower arrangements as they have a long-lasting fragrance. Different coloured carnations represent different emotions. For example, red carnations represent admiration for someone who has passed, while pink carnations convey a sense of remembrance and white carnations symbolise innocence and pure untainted love. 

5. Orchids

One of the reasons why the Orchid is Singapore’s national flower is because of its exotic look, depicting the notion of rebirth and renewal. Orchids are typically used along with other flowers to make beautiful casket sprays that sit on top of the casket. The tradition dictates that immediate family members are to choose the type of flowers for their loved one’s casket spray. If you’re unsure which colours to pick, pink and white orchids are used to express sympathy and an undying love.

How To Choose The Right Flowers to Send to A Funeral 

We hope that this article has been helpful in shining light on the meanings of some of the most popular funeral flowers. Understanding what flowers represent will allow you to create flower bouquets that are graceful, elegant, and sympathetic. 
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