5 Thoughtful Christmas Gifts that you can get for your Parents to say Thank You

Our parents have worked so hard to provide us with the best. Why not show them how thankful you are for them this Christmas, by surprising them with thoughtful gifts that they would love? From chocolates, to back massagers and even wine hampers, we have crafted a list of gifts that you can take inspiration from, to give a delightful Christmas gift this year. 

Chocolate Hamper 

If your parents are known for having a sweet-tooth, this is a hamper that will be sure to delight them and satisfy their cravings for chocolate-covered snacks. From cookies, to chocolates and even nuts, every hamper offers an abundance of sweet treats to snack on whenever they feel like it. On top of that, chocolates have been said to be mood boosters that can help to alleviate stress as they contain acids which help to produce serotonin, a chemical in the brain which makes us feel happy. If you’re unsure of what to get for them this Christmas, this hamper would be a safe choice that will definitely help to brighten their day!

Wine Hamper with Wine Holder 

Accompanied by 4 other wine accessories, this wine hamper brings to you a bottle of the De Valier Rossa Italy Red Wine packed into a classy looking red wine holder, which is perfect for Christmas! This is a simple gift that wine lovers will appreciate since it not only comes with a bottle of wine for them to taste, but also practical wine accessories that will help with storing and serving wine. Give this hamper as a gift to parents who would enjoy a good bottle of wine as a way of saying Thank You to them this Christmas! 

Compact Back Massage Cushion 

As one gets older, different ailments start to appear and one of the most common ones are backaches. After working tirelessly their whole lives, our parents deserve some pampering themselves. This back massager comes provides two different massage techniques – a Shiatsu massage with a rolling function and a spot massage which helps to target specific areas on the back that require special attention. The speed and amount of pressure can be easily controlled by the provided remote control. All in all, this is a very thoughtful gift which shows that you care about their physical well being, and that’s the true thought that counts. 

Godiva Chocolate Champagne Box 

Surprise your parents this year with an exquisite selection of chocolates and champagne from some of the finest brands. 

The contents include a bottle of Methode Chandon Brut Australia Champagne paired with an assortment of chocolate snacks, which includes a box of Godiva Chocolate Pretzels, all packed into a white and red box which is very fitting with the theme of Christmas.. 

In the spirit of giving, spoil your parents with this rich collection of flavours and let them know how thankful you are for them. 

Salad Maker 

For a more unique and unconventional gift, why not consider giving your parents a salad maker which automatically helps you to cut your vegetables and churn them into a bowl, making a bowl of salad effortlessly. 

This Morries Salad Maker machine is electrically operated and has 4 different functions, such as shredding vegetables, cutting them into thin slices and even mashing potatoes. With these functions set in place, a healthy snack could be fixed up in a matter of minutes. With the amount of time and effort that can be saved with this machine, it could be the very item that encourages healthy eating as well. This is a practical gift that your parents will appreciate, especially if they have passions in cooking.

We often forget how much our parents have sacrificed in order to give us comfortable lives. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple gift of appreciation and a word of thanks to let them know you are grateful for all they have done, and what better than to do it this Christmas!

At Hilton Gifts, we offer a wide variety of Christmas Gifts and Hampers that you can order not just for your parents, but also for your friends and relatives as well as reliable delivery services which you can count on to deliver these gifts on time for Christmas. For all enquiries, do give us a call at 63283771 and we will be more than happy to serve you. 

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