5 Sweet Gifts You can get to Cheer Someone Up on a Bad Day

We all have days where nothing seems to be going well. Whether it’s failure, rejection or heartbreak, these bad experiences can unexpectedly affect anyone, including those that we know and love. With that in mind, how can you help to relieve your loved ones’ misery and give them strength to carry on?

Flowers and hand bouquets, with their bright, colourful brilliance, never fail to inject happiness into anyone’s life. The eye-catching beauty and sweet fragrance of different floral arrangements can provide solace and lift your loved ones’ spirits, reducing their sadness. Online florists in Singapore have an extensive range of these blooms that can be delivered straight to your recipient’s doorsteps. 

Here are 5 sweet gifts that you can get to cheer someone up on a bad day.  

Rainbow Delight

Usher in the splendour of spring to your friend’s home with Rainbow Delight! Exotic yellow cymbidium orchids are exquisitely arranged with white gerberas and pink roses, presenting a vivid display that is bound to make them feel better. Representing strength and beauty, cymbidiums are a symbol of valued and respected friendship, allowing you to extend your solidarity towards their suffering and show them that you’ll always have their back. This vibrant hand bouquet will certainly warm their hearts and brighten up their day with its sincere message. 

  1. Star Bloom

Star Bloom is perfect for those who love all things cute and cuddly. This table bouquet features a bunny plush toy as the centrepiece, complemented by miniature star balloons and a pretty floral arrangement. It also includes a soft towel which your recipient can wipe their sad tears away with and prepare for happier days ahead. As they hug their adorable bunny companion to sleep, you can express your thoughtful sentiment that they’ll never be alone. Star Bloom is a gift that is guaranteed to bring comfort to those feeling down!

Sunflower & Hydrangea 

Add a dash of optimism to their life with our Sunflower & Hydrangea Hand Bouquet! Sunflowers are vibrant flowers evoking joy and happiness. Reminiscent of warm summer days, they remind your loved one that there are bigger and better things to look forward to. The cheerful blooms are accentuated by a small shrub of graceful blue-hued hydrangeas, which signify heartfelt emotions. This helps to highlight your honest wish that they will get through the hard times and embrace the light of the future. 

Bear and Bouquet

If your loved one has just gone through a breakup, comfort food is their best friend. Bear and Bouquet is crafted to meet this important need. A delectable assortment of sweet chocolate treats is arranged into a fun-looking bouquet that they can munch on whilst getting over their heartbreak. On top of that, the gift also comes with a furry teddy bear which offers much-needed companionship during this sensitive period. Let them know that falling out of love does not mean that it is the end of the world with this hand bouquet! 

Table Bouquet Purple Rain

Table bouquet Purple rain is a violet-themed flower arrangement exuding elegance and sophistication. Its deep, rich shades of purple can help to calm your friend’s soul, providing soothing relief for the wounded heart or distressed mind. What’s more, the graceful alstroemeria flowers nestled snugly in the paper flower basket symbolise devotion and friendship, emphasising your sincere dedication to stay with them no matter what happens. No doubt, this hand bouquet is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also serves as a meaningful gift to show how much you care for their wellbeing. 

Lifting Their Spirits With Sweet Gifts

Sending flowers to someone who is feeling dejected on a bad day is a great way to express your concern and cheer them up. The rich symbolism of different flowers can sometimes convey meanings that words alone are unable to express. At Hilton Gifts and Collections, we are proud to offer you a variety of blooms in Singapore that can be customised to your preferences, making every gift as personalised as possible. Our reliable flower delivery service will ensure that your bouquet reaches your recipient in a timely manner. Simply drop us a call at 63823771 and we will be glad to help you out!

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