5 Halal-Certified Christmas Hampers to Ring In Holiday Cheer

There’s nothing that screams Merry Christmas more than a Christmas hamper chocked full of sweet and savoury treats! Christmas hampers usher the beginning of the season of giving and make for great corporate gifts too. With diverse racial groups here who celebrate Christmas with their peers, gift-giving hampers should be inclusive so everyone can enjoy it! That’s why we’ve rounded up 5 halal-certified gift hampers that has something for everybody on your gift list!

For the chocolate lover

Chocolate lovers, rejoice! Discover pure chocolate indulgence with our Non-Alcohol Food Hamper beautifully presented in a rustic, orange wicket gift hamper basket. Created with Christmas parties and get-togethers in mind, it’s perfect for sharing too. 

Everything from classic dairy milk chocolate almonds to artisan-made ketupat chocolate biscuits, these nibbles are carefully hand-packed and elevated to a new high. Of course, amidst the tantalizing selection of sweet treats, you’ll find a non-alcoholic royal sparkling juice to finish off the night. This humble food hamper is a decadent gift hamper for anyone who loves chocolate, and ideal for expressing your thanks to a special friend in a smooth, dark way! 

For gifts sure to impress

We’ve made sure to include elegant gift hampers that are perfect for corporate clients too. If you’re in search for a classic Christmas hamper that will leave heads turning, our sleek, sensational Non-Alcohol Food Hamper is a real crowd-pleasing gift! 

4 bottles of royal sparkling juice is joined by a spread of delectable sweet and savoury snacks, carefully chosen by fine food artisans. So expect classic merry picks like Belgian chocolate, hazelnut wafer chocolate and danish cookies! All beautifully presented in a reusable storage basket that can be recycled when the contents have been devoured, sit back and relax when you need to make an impression this Christmas!

For the local delights lover

Ever came across a festive hamper that boasts Singaporean flavours while keeping things simple? Apt for every kind of celebratory occasion, the Non-Alcoholic Food Hamper is an excellent traditional-style gift for the culture enthusiast and food lover in your life! 

Amongst the stellar bottle of premium royal honey, we’ve included a refreshing mix of best-selling Singaporean favourites like cuttlefish snacks, Nyonya kuih bangkits and of course, flavoured gummy rolls! There’s plenty to look through and something for everybody to feast on as soon as they get their hands on this hamper! 

Of course, there’s a scrumptious spread of sweet snacks like London pie cakes and crepe rolls to tuck into if you’re craving something sweeter. Or, if they fancy a savoury snack with a twist, then they’ll be tantalized by Checkboards’ ketupat chocolate biscuits which feature a western spin on this traditional Malaysian festive delight! Piled together on a pyramid hamper, be prepared for a celebration like no other. It’s either go large or go home!

For the foodie at heart

If you want to pamper and delight your recipient with a luxurious relaxation pamper gift that has a good mix of sweet and savoury snacks, we have one that’s just perfect for them. The Non-Alcoholic Food Hamper is designed for the foodie at heart.

Not only is this basket beautifully presented in a vibrant yellow basket, but it’s also piled to the brim with irresistible food treats and nibbles by local and international food brands. You’ll find a luscious range of noshes like Ferrero rocher, danish butter cookies to prawn crackers and pea snacks to wolf down. So whether you’re buying this for a family member or to give thanks to a deserving colleague in the workplace, your lucky receiver will be bedazzled with the extensive selection of goods to pick from! 

For the family pack

There’s nothing more heartwarming than to receive sentimental gifts with a personal touch. So if you want to spoil your loved ones with delectable treats or a unique jumbo sized hamper for someone who deserves something really special this Christmas, look no further! Our reinvigorated best-selling Non-Alcoholic Food Hamper is a stunning gift hamper, with everything from food and beverage to electrical appliances which make an astounding impression.

Packed to the brim in a classic pyramid style hamper, they can dig into chocolates like milk chocolate, almond roca, and wafer rolls to their heart’s content. And if you’re thinking of having them with local delights, fret not! Your lucky recipient can indulge in a mix of sweet and savoury snacks all at once, as this hamper contains local snacks like prawn crackers to hit all the right sweet spots! 

This Christmas hamper rings warmth and cheer by finishing off with an exquisite electrical kettle jug, making it perfect for gift-giving those nearest and dearest! Of course, it comes with an alluring grape juice as well so your lucky recipient has everything for a merry celebration. It’s also perfect as a corporate gift for your clients if you’re looking to present them with gifts of appreciation!

Christmas Hampers Singapore 

At Hilton, we make the gift of giving effortless because we understand the importance of telling people you care. We are committed to providing the finest gift hampers economically so that you can comfortably celebrate the joy of giving with warmth and cheer. Simply drop us a call at 6382 3771, and our team at Hilton Gifts will gladly assist you!

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