4 of the Best Christmas Hampers filled with Treats that will Satiate Your Sweet Tooth Cravings

With the sound of jingle bells just around the corner, it’s that favourite time of the year again. Which means, it’s time to put your Santa hat on and start thinking about Christmas gifts before the big day arrives. Whether it’s for a loved one, close friend or a colleague, gift hampers are fuss-free gifts that add holiday magic to any Christmas! And when it comes to picking the right gift for someone with a sweet tooth, it can get quite confusing at times. To make things easier, take our cues from 4 of our best Christmas gifts that will leave your recipient a very happy chappy!

For the festive-goer in mind

Christmas gifts don’t always have to be grand, sometimes we just want to celebrate the flavours of that oh-so Christmassy season. Bask in the seasonal celebrations and celebrate with our Christmas Chocolate Hamper. Not only is this gift hamper decorated with everything jolly like rustic dried pinecone ornaments, but it’s also chocked to the brim with sweet yuletide treats. From delicious almond milk chocolates to irresistible crispy chocolate rolls with blueberry fillings, it is sure to be a hit amongst anyone with a sweet tooth! This delightful assortment of festive after-dinner treats is a decadent indulgence. And the best part? It wouldn’t feel to heavy on their stomachs. They can eat to their heart contents with these light treats. So whether you’re buying it for close-knitted family members or a present for your Christmas Day party host, this box of joy covers all bases for a Christmas gift and will please!

For the food-laden lover in mind

Gift hampers are well-loved, but an impressive bundle of goodies is sure to delight! Our ____ is the perfect all-rounded Christmas gift in mind! From boozy to chocolate and even the finely made honey baked ham (1kg, of course), this selection has been designed with festive foodies in mind. This one is a real showstopper. There’s also a handful of snacks like cashew cookies and chocolate-coated crispy puffs to complement the Christmas delights, so you have all options covered! Inside the striking Christmas themed hamper includes the classic Beaulieu 2014 for every party as well as Royalty’s Celebration Drink for non-alcoholics to booze over too! This gift hamper is fitting to give thanks to a family relative, BFF and even business partners. And especially so if you don’t quite know their sweet cravings, rest assured this carefully curated collection will make an exceptional Christmas gift! So spoil them like never before! And trust us on this, they’ll end the decade with a celebration of salty-sweet lingering on their tongue!

For the chocolate lover in mind

We all know just how much chocolate keeps our bellies happy whenever we crave for something sweet. And it’s no surprise that chocolates make one of the best gifts throughout the world. Designed to enhance and celebrate the flavours of fine chocolate, this Godiva Chocolate Hamper has a decadent spread of the finest chocolates to satisfy any sugar-laden cravings. The rustic leather basket comes bearing sweet bites such as strawberry cream pralines, Godiva’s signature chocolate pretzels and crispy chocolate rolls with blueberry fillings for that added crunch. The best bit? The rustic basket can be easily be used for storage once Christmas is over. So if you know someone who obsesses for sweet every time, let the merriment commence with this gift hamper. Whether it’s for a family relative, friend or colleague, this is the perfect gift hamper they’d need this Christmas!

For the fine food lover

Of course, chocolate and alcohol make a beautiful pair. And the chemistry between red wine and cacao is one of the most exceptional pairings for intense, smooth flavour. So why not go wild with the best of both worlds when it comes to satisfying your cravings for sweet things? 

We’ve made sure to include our ever-so-popular Chocolate Liquour Hamper. From Hawaiian Host matcha chocolates to classic hazelnuts and assorted chocolate liqueurs, this hamper will leave your recipient tempted to eat all your sweetmeats at one go! Mindfully curated for the chocoholic in mind, expect some of the most palatable chocolates all from one practical hamper. If they’re feeling generous, they could keep aside some chocolates for them too. Once the dining table is decked with these yuletide treats though, we’re sure that their guests will wolf them down in no time. (Don’t say we didn’t warn!) Amidst the exotic arrangement of chocolates, your recipient will find a sweet surprise, 2 bottles of De’ Valier Rosso Italy Red Wine, to finish off the night with a bang!

At Hilton Gifts, we make every effort to ensure that each gift hamper is presented to perfection and with the best selection of nibbles to satisfy everyone’s cravings. If chocolate liqueurs aren’t your thing, our Christmas Chocolate Hamper presents decadence at its finest. It is packed in a sleek, modern-day cylinder with a heavenly assortment of luxurious sweet treats that are similar to our Godiva Chocolate Hamper. Let’s not forget the alcohol: the star of the hamper! This hamper features our killer duos, Atlas Cumbres Spanish Red Wine and De Valier Italian Red Wine to usher the festive spirit. Simply pig out on the sweet treats while you sip away good ol’ wine! 

Tis the season to be jolly

At Hilton Gifts, we understand the season of giving is a wonderful time tuck into favourite festive goodies. Which is why we have an extensive selection of Christmas hampers to choose from. So whether you’re looking for last-minute Christmas gifts for your fabulous friend or colleague, rest assured that we can help you find the best selection of Christmas delights and have them delivered on time for Christmas. Simply drop us a call at 63283771, and we will be more than happy to serve you!

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