4 Most Popular Mother’s Day Flowers To Show Her Your Appreciation

Mothers, grandmothers and aunts, we’ve got plenty of special women in our lives. And certainly, finding an exceptional, symbolic gift to show how much they mean to us may seem hard. Flowers have an ancient-old tradition of bringing spring to a mom’s heart. From vibrant gerbera daisies to gentle orchids, every flower holds a different meaning. Personalizing a bouquet of blooms is a sentimental way to honour her and show how much your love shines for her. With the rise of flower delivery and flower shops catering to every taste, here are a few cues on the most sought after flowers for Mother’s Day!

Gerbera Daisies

As the name says it, Gerbera Daisies come from the daisy family, and we all know just how pure and innocent daisies are. However, the gerbera variety stands for more than just pure innocence. These cheery bloom beauties speak of all things cheerful! They have been highly sought after in recent years as their vibrant colours brighten up any room they’re placed at. It’s no surprise that this neon-bright flower is said to be the 5th most popular flower in the world. 

At Hilton, our flower shop carefully picks the finest selection of gerbera daisies made to withstand the test of time. If you’re looking to send an uplifting message to your favourite woman or if she’s one that radiates happiness, bring a burst of colour to her door with our Beautiful Moments Hand Bouquet. Our refreshing bouquet consists of red, pink and purple gerberas. Red is a symbol of love, pink conveys admiration and gratitude and purple represents thoughtfulness to mom. With harmonious colours, it’s welcoming appearance is sure to be the perfect pick for mom!


Second, to none, roses are a traditional favourite amongst many women across the world. While red roses are traditionally associated with romance, pink shades convey gratitude and thoughtfulness. At Hilton, our floral shop options go beyond just bouquets. It’s lovely to receive flowers, but it is even more breathtaking to get these beauties with a twist. From classic bouquet of Red Roses to a mixed assortment of Roses and Ferrero Rochers, our florist shop offers a wide selection of flower bouquets to pick from. So, why don’t you move in trend with this modern gift idea and make Mother’s Day refreshing? Honour her with our Bear & Bouquet and capture her heart by celebrating the endless support of a mother’s love. With a delightful arrangement of light pink roses, this sleek, cheery bouquet comes with a lovable bear, a welcome sight like no other!


Orchids have a unique meaning: beauty, wealth and poise. They are elegant, feminine flowers with eye-catching blooms. And the best part? They are easy to care for and withstand the test of time. Surely they are a less traditional flower, but they celebrate the endless strength of womanhood, making them in vogue for Mother’s Day. They send fitting messages of kindness, charm and admiration. Whether you surprise your mother, mother-in-law- or grandmother, gifting an orchid is an exceptional gift to show the special women in your life how much you appreciate her. 

Our exquisite assortment of purple orchids like Box of Orchids permeates a sense of elegance, femininity and grace. If you prefer to take your bouquet to the next level, our Purple Petal is a lush houseplant that comes with a vase for your orchid to rest on for months. Rest assured that our flower delivery services will ensure that this stunning bouquet reaches her home safe and sound. So the next time she sees these statement flowers in her garden sanctuary, she’ll swoon all over the weekend!


Lilies are a classic symbol of motherhood, and these fragrant scented blooms stand out wherever you put. White lilies are known to symbolize truth and purity, making them excellent gift-giving options to wish any mom well. With their elegance and versatility, they make great gifts for a mother who has given you an abundance of love and support or simply to honour the strength of her character. This stunning arrangement is just right to express your admiration and sincerity to mom. Our couture arrangement of Pure Show features 6 exotic lilies curated and designed by our expert flower shop florists. Situated vertically on a long stalk, their long petals are a perfect tribute for a mother who is fond of delicate, light coloured flowers!

Find the perfect blooms with ease

Fulfilling your filial duties and showing you care is the sweetest way to express your gratitude to your mom-in-a-million. At Hilton, our flower shop offers an array of Mother’s Day arrangements to choose from. Whether you’re spending the day together or apart, we make it easy for flower delivery to bring a smile to the number one lady in your life. Simply drop us a call at +65 6382 3771, and we’d be more than happy to help!

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